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Pakistani Dramas Showing Political Themes

Pakistani Dramas Showing Political Themes

The Pakistani drama industry is known worldwide for producing some of the best dramas of all time. They cover a wide range of topics and genres, and Pakistani actors always deliver their best performance, setting a high standard for these dramas. 

Today, we will discuss a popular genre of Pakistani dramas that focuses on political themes. If you’re interested in learning about these political dramas, keep reading. 

Political drama is a type of Pakistani drama that explores political themes, social issues, and ideologies. It aims to entertain and encourage thought by highlighting real-world events, historical contexts, and current challenges. 

Political dramas often feature social commentary, historical and current events, different perspectives, and character-driven narratives. They may be either documentaries, which present real events and perspectives, or fictional stories that convey political messages through storytelling. 

These dramas aim to inspire viewers to take action and advocate for change on specific political issues. 

We hope that you now have a better understanding of Pakistani dramas and are excited to check out the list of Pakistani dramas showing political themes that we have put together for you.

14 Best Pakistani Political Dramas 

1. Mera Saaein

Mera Saaein is a famous Pakistani television drama series directed by Babar Javed and written by Samira Fazal. The story revolves around Malik Wajahat Ali, a wealthy feudal lord who uses his wealth to control his family and village. 

The drama explores themes of power, corruption, and ordinary people’s struggles under the influence of influential individuals. Noman Ijaz’s portrayal of Malik Wajahat Ali earned him accolades and solidified his reputation as a versatile actor in the Pakistani entertainment industry.

2. Sammi

Sammi is a Pakistani television drama series directed by Saife Hassan and written by Noor-ul-Huda Shah. 

The series follows Sammi, a rural girl victim of the centuries-old practice of Vani, where young girls are compensated for family disputes. The drama explores social issues like women’s rights, Vani, and patriarchal norms in rural communities. 

The talented ensemble cast, including Adnan Siddiqui, Sania Saeed, and Rehan Sheikh, delivers exceptional performances, adding depth to the emotional narrative. The drama received praise for its engaging storytelling and portrayal of real-life issues faced by women in Pakistan, sparking conversations about addressing harmful cultural practices and promoting gender equality. 

Sammi may have reruns on television channels or be available on official Hum TV platforms or streaming services. For viewers interested in socially relevant dramas addressing women’s rights and social justice, Sammi is a compelling watch.

3. Khaani

Khaani is a popular Pakistani television drama starring Sanam Khan and Mir Hadi, a wealthy man and powerful woman. 

The story revolves around Sanam’s transformation from an ordinary girl to a strong and determined woman seeking justice for her brother’s death. The drama explores themes of revenge, love, family loyalty, and the consequences of actions. 

The lead actors, Sana Javed and Feroze Khan deliver outstanding performances, addressing social issues and highlighting the importance of standing up for justice. The drama gained a massive following and remains a cultural phenomenon in Pakistan.

4. Khan

Khan is a Pakistani television drama series directed by Ali Faizan and written by Edison Idrees Masih. 

It follows the life of influential politician Haji Saab, portrayed by Nauman Ijaz. The drama explores politics, power struggles, and manipulative tactics used by Saab to maintain control. 

The talented ensemble cast delivers compelling performances, and the show received positive reviews. It may have reruns on television channels or be available on official Geo Entertainment platforms.

5. Zebaish

Zebaish is a Pakistani television drama series aired on Hum TV in 2020, directed by Iqbal Hussain and written by Bushra Ansari. 

The show revolves around the lives of a showbiz family, with Bushra Ansari playing the lead role of Zebaish, a veteran actress struggling to maintain her position in the industry. The drama explores the dynamics of the showbiz world and its impact on the individuals involved. 

Despite mixed reviews, Zebaish generated attention due to its exploration of the glamorous yet challenging world of show business. Ansari’s portrayal of Zebaish was praised for its authenticity and emotional depth. 

The series may have reruns on Hum TV or other channels and is worth considering for fans interested in dramas set in showbiz and family dynamics.

6. Bisaat e Dil

Bisaat-e-Dil is a Pakistani television series featuring three characters, Ania, Sania, and Shahnawaz, who navigate various life circumstances. Shahnawaz, the son of a feudal landlord, faces challenges after being falsely accused of harassment. 

Ania and Sania, sisters with contrasting personalities, are driven by ambition and family dynamics. The drama explores the complexities of human emotions and relationships, offering a compelling and engaging storyline. 

The series may have aired on a Pakistani channel, and viewers can find more information on official sources or entertainment platforms.

7. Badshah Begum

Badshah Begum is a Pakistani historical drama television series aired on Hum TV in 2022. It follows the life of Jahan Ara, the famous Badshah Begum of the Mughal era, and their siblings, Roshan and Shahmir, who navigate politics, power lust, and rivalry. 

The drama is based on true historical incidents from the 16th and 17th centuries, focusing on the lives of Jahanara Begum and Roshanara Begum, daughters of Shah Jahan. The show highlights the significance of Jahanara Begum’s rule and the influence of women in the era. 

Fans of historical dramas and the Mughal era will find Badshah Begum an intriguing and captivating watch.

8. Sange Mar Mar

Sange Mar Mar is a Pakistani television drama series aired on Hum TV in 2016. It is directed by Saife Hassan and written by Mustafa Afridi. 

The series follows the lives of individuals from feuding families, the Badar Khanis and the Tor Sultans, in the picturesque valleys of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. 

The drama explores themes of love, revenge, loyalty, and sacrifice while shedding light on honor-based traditions in tribal areas. The talented ensemble cast delivers powerful performances, and the drama received critical acclaim for its compelling narrative, strong character development, and authenticity in portraying the cultural nuances of the region.

9. Besharam

Besharam is a Pakistani drama serial aired on ARY Digital in 2016. Directed by Farooq Rind and written by Sarwat Nazir, the drama follows the lives of three women: Sara, Mashal, and Sofia. 

The story revolves around social issues in the glamor industry and upper-class families, with Haider Bakht as a politician and Mashal as a top model. The story ends with Haider’s father’s death, but the couple eventually reconciles. 

The drama received positive reviews for its engaging storyline, strong performances, and exploration of social issues in Pakistani society. It is worth considering for viewers interested in social themes and well-developed characters.

10. Sange Mah

Sang-e-Mah is a Pakistani television drama series directed by Saife Hassan and written by Samira Fazal. 

It follows the lives of Sheherzaad, a journalist, and Hilmand Khan, an affluent family member. The drama explores the struggles of individuals from different social classes and the impact of past actions on their present lives. 

The talented ensemble cast delivers remarkable performances, adding depth to the emotional narrative. The drama received positive feedback from viewers and critics and may have reruns on television channels or streaming services.

11. Laal Ishq

Laal Ishq is a Pakistani television drama series aired on A-Plus TV in 2017. Directed by Dilawar Malik and written by Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar, the series revolves around a love story with mystery and suspense. 

The ensemble cast includes popular actors Babar Ali, Kashif Mehmood, Waseem Abbas, Tauqir Naisr, and Saba Hameed. The drama features emotional storytelling, well-developed characters, and powerful dialogues, hallmarks of Qamar’s work. 

Although not available on all streaming platforms, classic Pakistani dramas are sometimes rerun or accessible through official A-Plus TV archives. 

12. Landa Bazaar

The year 2002 saw the airing of the popular Pakistani drama, Landa Bazaar, on PTV. The show was written by Khalil-ur-Rehman and directed by Dilawer Malik. 

Landa Bazaar is a touching tale of romance, where Bali’s unwavering love for his fiancé, played by Farah Shah, takes center stage. The character of Zohra is portrayed in a way that leaves the viewers guessing about her true feelings for Bali, as she sends mixed signals. Zohra becomes jealous when she confronts Sanam Jaan, a dancer who is in love with Bali. 

Like any other girl, Zohra too has an ideal partner, but her arranged engagement to Bali from childhood bars her from pursuing her classmate Ramis, who finds her attractive.

13. Waris

Waris is a 1979 Pakistani television drama series centered around brothers Daud and Bhola, showcasing family, love, and rivalry in a rural village. Produced by PTV, the drama explores the complexities of human relationships and their impact on a family’s future. 

Despite its age, it remains a cultural phenomenon with timeless themes and a special place in Pakistani drama enthusiasts’ hearts.

14. Mol

Mol is a Pakistani television series based on Faysal Manzoor’s story and produced by Momina Duraid under MD Productions. The drama follows Shahryar Hassan, who is pressured by his family to marry his younger cousin, Sajal. 

Shahryar moves to Sukkur and meets Imtiaz Saheb, who introduces him to Emaan, a special needs teacher. Their marriage is marred by Shahryar’s parents’ disapproval of Emaan’s relationship with Emaan. 

The series explores the complexities of relationships, societal expectations, and individual choices, with a captivating storyline and powerful performances from the cast.


Which Pakistani dramas portray the characters of politicians?

  • Khaani
  • Khan
  • Sange Mah
  • Badshah Begum

These Pakistani dramas portray the lives of politicians.

Which drama serial discussed the social issue of Vanni?


The Pakistani drama serial Sammi focuses on the social practice of Vanni.

Which is the oldest drama in Pakistan?


Alif Noon and Khuda Ki Basti are the oldest dramas in Pakistan,

Which drama serial shows the life of a Mughal-era matriarch?


Badsha Begum throws light on the life of Mughal-era matriarch Jahan Ara.

Who is the writer of the drama serial Zebaish?


The famous Pakistani actress Bushra Ansari is the writer of the drama serial Zebaish.

Which famous drama has two seasons and is based on generational conflicts?


Landa Bazaar is based on generational conflicts. Later on, its second season was released which is Laal Ishq.

Which drama serials showed the conflicts of Pashtoons?


Sange Mar Mar and Sange Mah focus on the conflicts of Pashtoons.

Which drama serial portrayed the life of a fashion model?


Besharam portrayed the life of a fashion model.

Which famous action drama serial featured Feroze Khan and Sana Javed?


Feroze Khan and Sana Javed are featured in the action drama Khaani.

Which famous political drama featured Nouman Ijaz?


Nouman Ijaz is featured in political drama serials Mera Saaein and Khan. 

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