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Pakistani Dramas With Supernatural Elements

Pakistani Dramas with Supernatural Elements

Are you a fan of being scared out of your wits in the middle of the night? Or maybe you’re planning on pulling a prank on your friends by making them watch some spine-chilling dramas? Well, you’re in luck because we’ve got some of the best Pakistani drama serials that are packed with supernatural elements.

Supernatural dramas are a thrilling genre of fiction that blends elements of paranormal, supernatural, or fantasy into the storyline. These dramas often feature characters with extraordinary abilities and magical powers who encounter supernatural beings or events. 

What’s even more fascinating is that some of these dramas feature ghosts who are the residents of a place and only react when someone disturbs them. In some cases, the ghosts of the deceased come back to haunt the murderers and seek revenge. 

These dramas transport viewers into fantastical worlds and explore themes beyond the boundaries of reality. The characteristics and themes of this genre, include supernatural beings, magical realms, special abilities, battles between good and evil, love and romance, mystery and intrigue, quests and prophecies, and coming-of-age stories. 

These genres offer a blend of fantasy, adventure, and mystery to those seeking escape into extraordinary worlds and exploring the unexplained and magical aspects of the human imagination. 

If you’re ready to discover the Best Pakistani drama serials with supernatural elements, then let’s get started!

12 Pakistani Horror Dramas

1. Belapur Ki Dayan

Belapur Ki Dayan is a Pakistani horror drama television series aired on ARY Digital in 2018. 

The story follows Fariha, a young girl haunted by strange dreams and visions. She investigates her family’s history and encounters supernatural occurrences, including a mysterious woman named Sameera. 

The drama explores themes of supernatural beliefs, family secrets, and past actions, delving into myths, legends, and the human psyche. The show received critical acclaim for its unique storyline, eerie atmosphere, and convincing performances by Amar Khan and Sarah Khan. 

The suspenseful narrative and haunting visuals kept audiences on the edge of their seats throughout its run.

2. Saaya

Saaya is a Pakistani drama television series directed by Syed Muhammad Khurram and written by Wasi Shah. 

The story follows Hoorain, a middle-class woman in love with her cousin Saif, who becomes a victim of domestic violence. Married to wealthy Azan, Hoorain’s dreams are shattered when Azan becomes abusive and controlling. 

The drama explores themes of love, family dynamics, societal pressure, and women’s struggles in patriarchal society. The show received positive reviews for its compelling storyline and strong performances by the lead actors, with Maham Amir’s portrayal of Hoorain being praised for its authenticity. 

The drama resonated with viewers, encouraging discussions about domestic violence and women’s empowerment.

3. Nazr e Bad

Nazr-e-Bad explores the consequences of jealousy and black magic, highlighting the dangers of negative emotions and their potential to lead individuals down a dark path. 

The story revolves around Aftab’s proposal to Maham for marriage, and Pervaiz and Almas resort to black magic to manipulate the situation. The drama raises questions about the power of superstitions and the consequences of jealousy and envy on human behavior. 

The talented cast, including Azfar Rehman and Sarah Khan, add depth and intensity to the narrative, making viewers emotionally invested in the characters’ struggles.

4. Dhund

Dhund is a supernatural mystery drama featuring Maria Wasti, a brave woman with the ability to communicate with dead people and help spirits find peace. 

The main cast includes Maria Wasti, Syed Mohammad Ahmed, Hassan Ahmed, and Fahad Rehmani. The series is aired on TV One and offers a mix of mysteries, paranormal themes, and supernatural storytelling. 

For more information, visit TV One’s official website or reliable sources.

5. Neeli Zinda Hai

Neeli Zinda Hai is a Pakistani supernatural horror drama featuring a married couple, Aman and Sumbul, who face challenges and paranormal activities after moving into a new house. 

Sumbul hires a maid to help with housework, but she experiences supernatural happenings herself. The family tries to get closer, but the actions of a spirit named Neeli drive them apart. 

The drama premiered on ARY Digital on May 20th2021 and can be found on their official website and other entertainment platforms for updates on airing schedules and episodes.

6. Mala Mir

Mala Mir is a famous Pakistani drama that was aired on Aplus in 2019. It involves horror and supernatural themes. 

Mala Mir is a Pakistani love story drama that premiered on October 17th. The show airs every Thursday and Friday at 8 PM and features Ali Josh and Faria Sheikh in the leading roles. 

The plot centers around a couple where one member, Mir, is a fiery non-human creature deeply in love with Mala.

7. Dil Nawaz

Dil Nawaz is a Pakistani supernatural drama television series starring Neelam Muneer, Wahaj Ali, and Minal Khan. The story follows Nawazish Ali, a young man in love with Sitara, and their marriage. A mysterious woman named Dilnawaz, with supernatural abilities, manipulates Nawazish’s life. 

The drama explores themes of love, jealousy, and the consequences of dabbling in the supernatural. Its engaging storyline, strong performances, and supernatural elements make it a notable addition to the Pakistani television drama landscape.

8. Bandish

Bandish is a Pakistani supernatural horror drama television series aired on ARY Digital in 2019. The story follows Sumbul and Sajida, two sisters who become victims of black magic by jealous and vengeful woman Azeeba. 

The family experiences unexplainable events, accidents, and illness, leading them to believe they are under a curse. Shahab, Sumbul’s husband, seeks help from spiritual healer Peer Baba to protect his family from the malevolent forces. 

The series explores themes of supernatural elements, black magic, family bonds, and the power of faith. The series received positive reviews for its unique storyline, strong performances, and supernatural elements, making it a notable supernatural drama in the Pakistani television industry.

9. Chalawa

Chalawa is a Pakistani supernatural horror drama series aired on Hum TV in 2020. Sawera, a young girl possessed by a Chalawa, is raised by her mother Mahnoor. As she grows up, mysterious events occur, leading Mahnoor to seek help from Professor Faraz Hamdani. 

However, dark secrets are revealed, and Professor Hamdani’s true intentions reveal he was behind Chalawa’s possession. The cast includes Noor Zafar Khan as Sawera Ahmed Turk, Naveen Waqar as Mahnoor, Ali Ansari as Harib Khanzada/Sarnash, and Adnan Jaffar as Professor Faraz Hamdani. 

The drama received acclaim for its intriguing storyline, captivating performances, and successful portrayal of supernatural elements.

10. Dareecha

Dareecha is a Pakistani horror-mystery soap television series that aired from 2011 to 2012. The main character, Maheen, faces challenges due to her love marriage with Faizan, a psychologically disturbed man who has tortured his previous wives. 

Maheen experiences paranormal activities and ghosts and realizes that Faizan’s family has been impacted by black magic. The drama explores themes of horror, mystery, psychological trauma, and the supernatural, keeping viewers on edge with its eerie and suspenseful plot. 

The series received positive reviews for its intriguing storyline, strong performances, and spine-chilling atmosphere, making it a memorable and memorable Pakistani television drama.

11. Woh

Woh is a Pakistani horror television series, that first aired in 2013 on Hum TV. Written by Syed Atif Ali and directed by Angeline Malik, the series has two seasons, with the second season titled Woh Dobara in 2014. 

The first season follows a ghost haunting a house, causing objects to fly and terrifying people. The second season follows Zubair’s family, who move to a new house to prepare for his brother’s wedding. 

Despite experiencing paranormal activities, the family dismisses them as insignificant. Woh explores elements of horror and suspense, providing a thrilling viewing experience for fans of supernatural tales and ghostly encounters.

12. Naagin

Naagin is a popular supernatural thriller drama in Pakistan and the UK, gaining popularity. The show was renewed for a new season in 2022, featuring a fresh story and incorporating South Asian supernatural themes.

The story follows elders who kill snakes to protect their families. Two survivors, Muskaan and Sanam Jahan, are taken by a snake charmer named Pashi. Sanam Jahan returns to take revenge on Rayaan, who falls in love with Muskaan. 

They learn they are blood sisters. Feroz breaks their relationship, and Nayel kills Muskaan. Professor Abdul Quddus resurrects their lover Dilbar. 

The second season begins with Nevlas and their slave Nijaat searching for Wajahat. Sanam Jahan and Sajna team up against Dilbar, leading to their happiness. Muskaan frees Mehak and Daa Ji from Madam Kaali, who reveals they belong to the royal serpent tribe.


Which are the best horror drama serials in Pakistan?

  • Belapur Ki Dayan
  • Saaya
  • Chalawa 
  • Dil Nawaz

These are the best horror drama serials in Pakistan.

In which drama, did Ali Josh play the role of a supernatural being?


Ali Josh played the role of a winged supernatural man in the drama serial Mala Mir.

Which famous Pakistani drama revolves around the lives of snakes?


Naagin throws light on the lives of two sister snakes and the family who killed their families.

Which Pakistani dramas showed the use of black magic?

  • Nazr e Bad
  • Dil Nawaz
  • Bandish

These drama serials portrayed the use of black magic to destroy the lives of enemies.

Who played a supernatural role in the horror drama serial Belapur Ki Dayan?


The Pakistani actress Amar Khan played the Neelofer in the horror drama Belapur Ki Dayan.

Which drama shows the ability of the lead character to communicate with the spirits?


The drama serial Dhund shows the supernatural ability to communicate with spirits.

Who is the writer of Nazr e Bad?


Imran Nazir is the writer of Nazr e Bad.

Who is the female lead actress in the magic drama Nazr e Bad?


Sarah Khan played the female lead role in the drama serial Nazr e Bad.

Which famous horror drama features Wahaj Ali and Neelum Munir?


Wahaj Ali and Neelum Munir were featured together in the drama serial Dil Nawaz.

Who played the role of Sajna in Naagin?


The famous Pakistani actress Resham played the role of Sajna Saperan in the famous drama serial Naagin.

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