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Pakistani Romantic Drama Serials

Pakistani Romantic Drama Serials

If you’re a fan of Pakistani drama serials and ready to take a romantic trip around Pakistani dramas, hear me out. You’ll look at the list of many Pakistani dramas that show beautiful and sometimes heart-wrenching representations of love stories.

Romance is a popular genre in Pakistani dramas, and it appears significantly in numerous of them. Pakistani dramas usually feature love storylines that captivate spectators with their emotional depth, exquisite characters, and realistic representations of relationships.

Pakistani dramas have included a wide range of romantic stories, from light romantic comedies to sorrowful tales of star-crossed lovers.

Now, if you’re ready, then let’s start our journey around Pakistani romantic drama serials.

The first drama serial on the list is Sadqay Tumhare.

1. Sadqay Tumhare

Sadqay Tumhare is an iconic drama serial. It was aired on Hum TV in 2014. It is an autobiographical drama written by Khalil-Ur-Rehman Qamar. It is based on the real-life events of writer Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar.

Mohammad Ehteshamuddin directed this drama and showed a magnificent example of his mastery. It’s a love story drama. But it’s not the typical kind of love story that is usually depicted in dramas.

Sadqay Tumhary revolves around the lives of Shano and Khalil/Khelu. Both are engaged in childhood as their mothers are sisters.

After ten years, when they grow up, they meet and the hidden plant of love and affection starts to come to the surface. And suddenly it grows to the skies.

Now, their love story is stirred by Shano’s mother when she openly rejects the marriage of Shano with Khalil. Why Shano’s mother rejects the proposal is another major turn in the drama.

Shano’s mother was and still is in love with Khalil’s father but couldn’t be together. So due to this, she won’t let her daughter have her love of life.

The drama meets a tragic end.

2. Zara Yaad Kar

Zara Yaad Kar is also a masterpiece written by Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar. It was aired in 2016 on Hum TV. It was directed by Amna Namaaz Khan.

The story of Zara Yaad Kar revolves around Hadi and Mahnoor. Both are first cousins and Nikkafied (Married but not living together). Hadi is a simple man who does a job to meet his expenses.

Mahnoor is a beautiful and ambitious woman. Although Hadi deeply loves Mahnoor she wants to have wealth and a luxurious life.

As both are Nikkafied, they aren’t supposed to live together before Rukhsati. So Hadi starts to live as a paying guest in a house whose landlord’s daughter is Uzma. Uzma starts to have feelings for Hadi but can’t express them because he is married.

Mahnoor starts to show interest in an Urdu teacher who shifts in her adjacent apartment. She gets a divorce from Hadi. Due to some incident, an Urdu teacher was kidnapped and they couldn’t marry.

To remarry Hadi, Mahnoor has to marry a man and get a divorce from that man. Mahnoor is married to the Urdu Teacher’s servant. In the meantime, Hadi and Uzma get romantically close.

3. Aangan

Aangan is a period drama that was aired in 2019 on Hum TV. It is based on the award-winning novel of Khadija Mastoor. It’s a star-studded drama along with a huge crew and production team.

Aangan starts with the love story of Salma and Subhan. Salma runs off to be with Subhan as her family disapproves of poor Subhan. They have a son named Safdar.

After the death of Salma, Safdar is adopted by Salma’s brother. Safdar shares his life with Aaliya and Tehmina and is romantically involved with Tehmina. But her mother rejects Safdar.

Aaliya’s family then moves to their other relatives where her cousin Jameel is attracted to her. Chammi is also a cousin of Jameel and Aaliyah. She is in deep love with Jameel but he ignores her. Chammi is married off to some stranger.

Aaliya after studying, becomes a teacher. Start teaching in a refugee camp. Where she meets a doctor, who tries to persuade her using his wealth and reputation. But she rejects it.

Safdar comes back. He asks for the hand of Aaliya from her mother as he is wealthy now. But she also rejects him.

On the other hand, Chammi leaves his husband and comes back to Jameel.

4. Mohabbat Tumse Nafrat Hai

Mohabbat Tumse Nafrat is a popular Pakistani drama aired in 2017 on Har Pal Geo TV. It was written by Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar and directed by Farooq Rind.

This drama focuses on the Kaneez Begum family. Even though Kaneez Begum’s family has experienced the loss of family members, she keeps her home cheerful and appreciates each moment of life there.

Maheen, the maternal granddaughter of Kaneez Begum, is arrogant and impatient but yet everyone’s favorite. Waqar, Kaneez Begum’s grandson, develops an interest in Maheen and announces their engagement.

On their wedding day, Waqar leaves Maheen after reading her journal. After eight years of living in Paris, Waqar learns that Gulraiz died many years ago. He understands that Maheen’s friend changed Waqar’s name to Gulraiz to cause a misunderstanding.

Waqar convinces Maheen to marry him again. But she painfully punishes him.

5. Khaani

Khanni is a popular Pakistani drama serial that was aired in 2017 on Har Pal Geo TV. It was written by Asma Nabeel and directed by Anjum Shahzad.

The story revolves around Khaani and her family, who prepare for Khaani and her twin brother Sarim’s birthday. Mir Hadi, the son of a politician, gets angry with Sarim and kills him in cold blood.

Khaani’s family files a court case against Hadi, and he is eventually released. Hadi then stalks Khaani and sends her love letters without revealing his identity. Hadi’s parents are against his interest in Khaani, and they plan an accident to kill her.

Khaani survived the accident. Hadi decides to marry her. But she rejects her. He kidnaps her and leaves her in her room only to make her feel humiliated in her parent’s eyes.

Hadi, on the other hand, follows the path of spirituality. He decides to make a Sufi shrine his refuge. After getting married to Arham, Khaani decides to reopen the murder case against Hadi and Mir Shah.

Hadi confesses his crime and is given the death penalty. Hadi’s mother begs Khaani’s mother to save her son from death. Khaani forgives him and gives him a life sentence.

6. Mere Paas Tum Ho

Mere Paas Tum Ho is a popular Pakistani romantic drama that aired in 2019 on ARY Digital. It’s written by Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar and directed by Nadeem Baig.

Danish is a simple straightforward man. He is married to Mehwish and has a kid named Roomi. Mehwish has goals that her husband cannot meet. She wants to be rich like her friend Anushey. She is invited to Anushey’s brother’s wedding, where she is fond of Shehwar, a wealthy businessman.

Mehwish gets an offer for a job in Shahwar’s workplace. Mehwish’s kid and husband disapprove of her job. So, she leaves them and begins a new life with Shehwar.

Before their marriage, Maham, the wife of Shehwar, slaps Mehwish and orders her to leave her home. Shehwar is charged with fraud due to unauthorized financial transfers.

Danish sells his apartment and puts most of his money into the stock market. Eventually, he became wealthy. Mehwish is nowhere and tries to patch up with Danish, but Danish does not share her sentiments.

7. Shehr E Zaat

Shehr e Zaat is a critically acclaimed Pakistani spiritual romantic drama serial that was aired in 2013 on Hum TV. It was written by Umera Ahmad and directed by Sarmad Sultan Khoosat.

Shehr e Zaar focuses on the life of Falak Sher Afgan She is a daydreamer and fine arts student. She falls in love with Salman Ansar due to his resemblance to her sculpture.

Hamza, a close friend of hers, loves her. While Salman ignores her. Eventually, both of them get married. After their marriage, Salman turns into a loving husband. Falak’s happiness is short-lived as he falls in love with an illiterate employee Tabinda.

Falak has a nervous breakdown and recalculates her life after Tabinda confronts her. Instead of yearning for Salman’s long-lost love, she thinks about fate. She discovers about herself. She understands the true meaning of life as a result of Salman preferring Tabinda.

8. Mann Mayal

Mann Mayal is an enormously famous Pakistani drama that was released in 2016 on Hum TV. It was written by Samira Fazal and directed by Haseeb Hassan.

Mann Mayal revolves around the story of Minahil/Mannu and Salahuddin. Manahil is a young woman who falls in love with Salahuddin. Despite falling in love, Salahuddin couldn’t marry Manahil due to their social class inequalities and his fear of being turned down.

Minahil gets married to Mikaeel. Salahuddin travels to Karachi to work at Ifti’s company. He starts to live in Ifti’s house and meets his ill father Rehman. The wife of Ifti, Cookie, wants Salahuddin to leave their home. Salahuddin begs Ifti to let him stay, and he asks to take care of Rehman rather than Jameel.

Salahuddin becomes rich and hires Jeena, who secretly falls in love with him. Manahil gives birth to her second child. Salahuddin secretly keeps tabs on Manahil’s life through Jameel who now is his employee.

Mikaeel breaks up with Manahil and his children after his parents’ death. Salahuddin realizes his mistake has made this worse for Minahil.

9. Khuda Aur Muhabbat (Season 3)

Khuda Aur Muhabbat is a popular Pakistani spiritual-romantic series that has three seasons. Season 3 was aired in 2021 on Geo Entertainment. It is written and directed by Hashim Nadeem and Syed Wajahat.

This drama focuses on the lives of a young man Farhad and a young woman Mahi. Farhad starts to work as a driver in Mahi’s uncle’s house. There he meets Mahi and both get friendly. Farhad realizes that he is taking an interest in Mahi. While Mahi thinks of his foolishness.

Farhad makes excuses for going to her house by telling his parents he is going to study. At Mahi’s mansion, Farhad starts to work as their driver. He meets her in secret and tells her about his love and affection for her. But she rejects him. Farhad then curses her for her unhappiness.

Later on, Farhad leaves Mahi’s house. But everyone mistakes him for being dead due to a train accident. Learning about Farhad’s death, Mahi fell into a mental trauma.

After years of facing tragedies, Mahi and Farhad meet at a crossroads.

10. Bin Roye

Bin Roye is a blockbuster Pakistani drama serial that was released in 2016 on Hum TV. It was written by Farhat Ishtiaq and directed by Haissam Hussain.

Bin Roye follows the story of Saba and Irtiza. Saba is deeply in love with her cousin Irtaza. Irtaza decides to go to America for higher studies and there, he develops feelings for his cousin Saman.

Irtiza returns to Pakistan. Saman’s parents die in a plane crash, and Saba and Irtaza take care of Saman. Saba learns that Saman is her elder sister and that she was adopted by her uncle when she was a baby. This brings Saba and Saman closer together. They share a close sisterly bond.

Sarealizesses that Saman and Irtaza have feelings for each other. They decide to get married. Saba loses patience when she sees them making their vows. Saba curses Saman. Saman and Irtiza move to America and have a son.

Saman dies in an accident. Saba feels guilty about the cursing she did to Saman.


Which Pakistani drama is most romantic?

  • Tere Bin
  • Bin Roye
  • Deewangi

These are the most romantic dramas in Pakistan.

Who is a romantic actor in Pakistan?


Fawad Khan is a romantic actor in Pakistan.

Who is the romance king of Pakistan?


Farhan Saeed is the romance king in Pakistan.

Which is the No.1 drama serial in Pakistan?


Mere Humsafar is the no.1 drama serial in Pakistan.

Who is the most romantic couple in Pakistan?


Danish Taimoor and Ayeza Khan are the most beautiful couple in Pakistan.

Who is the most romantic guy?


E.M. Forster was the most romantic man in history.

Which is the most romantic place in Pakistan?

  • Hunza
  • Skardu
  • Chitral
  • Murree

These are the most romantic places in Pakistan.

Who are the best romantic heroes of Pakistan?

  • Bilal Abbas Khan
  • Ahad Raza Mir
  • Hamza Ali Abbasi
  • Hamayoun Saeed

These are the most romantic heroes of Pakistan. 

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